That Which Comes to Pass (Das, was geschehen wird) is a reflection on the complex legacy of child sexual abuse experienced by survivors throughout their lives and a condemnation of abuse within the Catholic church.

Told in triptych and shot guerrilla-style over two weeks, this is the story of Anna, a young and bored Berlin drifter. While riding the trains, Anna has a chance reunion with her long-lost friend Daniel, revealing a traumatic past at the hands of a priest. When Anna agrees to stay with Daniel, she hopes it can finally bring closure for them both, but as they try and enter a more normal life together, it quickly becomes clear that their horrifying past has not gone away.



Kati Thiemer

Laurean Wagner

and Patricia Grove


Written and directed by Joe Morris
Produced by Joe Morris & Kati Thiemer
Cinematography by Keren Cherry
Edited by Neil Fergusson
Music by James Peter Moffatt
Sound design by Emil Jensen